Posted on: October 9, 2009 7:08 am

Day one, Tim Tebow, Ole Miss

Bama rolls in to Oxford this weekend, and I really do not have much commentary on this.  I expect Bama to have a game similar to Kentucky, lets hope I am right.  I have felt since week 3 that Bama might be the best team in the country, not surprising I guess, but that is still looking to be true, we just do not know how good Texas is.  No doubt Ole Miss will be pumped for this game, they will fight hard, but in the end Bama wins 38-14.

Florida-LSU, what else can you expect other than a exciting atmosphere with a great game.  Tim Tebow needs to sit this one out, LSU will be coming after him.  I do not think they will be trying to hurt him, but with the hits he will take, it is a huge risk.  Enough on that.  Tebow is the greatest player in Gator history, no doubt.  Maybe all of College Football.  You do not replace that.  I saw someone comment the Gators have a better chance with Brantley, a Gator fan said that.  That is really drinking from the jug.  The difference maker will be the LSU offense.  If those speedy receivers and backs get open space on what has always been the weakest spot for the Gators, the secondary, watch out.  But the weakest spot for the Gators is probably better than 114 other teams in the country.  I really think the Gators and the Bayou Bengals have been a tad bit lucky at times lately, I mean how did Mississippi State lose that game, and how does Kentucky give up 31 points in 1 quarter.  Home field could sway this toward LSU.  But probably not.  Gators 24- Tigers 17.

This is going to be a great weekend for football with these two games, I am not really sure what other games are out there.  Who cares, Bama and Gator football, thats what this is all about!
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